The St. Paul Chapter provides our members with weekly installments of an audio journal we call the Twin Cities Circuit! The Twin Cities Circuit brings you the news you need to know surrounding the chapter and the industry in 3 minutes or less. Our listeners enjoy the easy access to the circuit and the flexibility it allows them when they can listen and work at the same time. The circuit is provided to members only! 

Twin Cities CIRCUIT





Electrical contractors throughout the industry rely on NECA to provide the most current information on industry innovations, techniques, products and management strategies.  NECA member contractors have virtually unlimited access to an incredible library of research and industry information that NECA produces.  Our publications, training, events and online resources have been developed to benefit and support our members in the electrical construction industry.

COMMUNICATION - NECA's communications and online resources are developed to benefit our members, their customers, chapters and the industry.  Our goal is to support our membership and industry by promoting useful business tools, applications, resources and industry information across multiple, easily accessible formats.

EDUCATION - NECA is your premier source for education programs and publications to grow electrical contractors.  Our education programs provide resources for all stages of an electrical contractors career - from foremen to project managers to executives, NECA I share to meet the education needs of the industry focusing on courses in:

  • Business Management
  • Estimating
  • Executive management
  • Labor Relations
  • Leadership and communications
  • Project management
  • Standards and safety
  • Technology, process and innovation

SAFETY -  NECA offers publications, software, and training courses that help electrical contractors maintain safety worksites, develop their own corporate safety programs, and comply with OSHA regulations.  NECA will be will be presenting web-based seminars on the most up-to-date safety issues impacting the electrical industry. 

GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS - NECA Government Affairs works to protect and advance the interests of the electrical contracting industry.  This work is carried out through legislative issue advocacy, political action, and grassroots  initiatives.  NECA is working every day to ensure you have every opportunity available to stay on top of the issues affecting your business and to be directly in touch with your Senators and your Representative in Congress.  Through the Electrical Construction Political Action Committee (ECPAC), NECA maintains a strong presence on Capitol Hill and raises our visibility with key legislative and Executive branch leadership.